Atlanta’s tightly knit acoustic/jam band scene always has lots of cross-pollination going on. Sharing the stage can enhance the sound, and encourages creativity, so on their debut release, The Mountains Are My Home, the Masarie Gang calls in a few favors from talented friends. Singer Susannah Masarie, guitarist Doug Morton, bass player Phil Anderson, and drummer Steve Baird share time with pedal steel player Bill Fleming, guitarist Lefty Williams, and many others. The confident, easy pace of the music matches Masarie’s placid vocal style, and the group's sound is a throwback to the classic folk-rock days of the late '60s and early '70s. With an equal blend of six original tunes and six eclectic covers such as Thomas Dorsey’s beautiful “Bedside Of A Neighbor,” and Hank Williams' country classic “Ramblin’ Man," the Masarie Gang's comfort with the groove and appreciation of multiple genres is obvious. It may be a bit mellow for some tastes, but the boogie crowd will dig it, man.” - James Kelly

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