Culebra Strong - benefit for Puerto Rico hurricane victims

The Vista Room, 2836 LaVista Rd,, Decatur,, GA

Atlanta musicians are banding together to raise money for specific projects to restore the infrastructure and livelihoods for the people of Culebra, Puerto Rico (aka - Culebrenses). Band Schedule 7:00 10,000 Pontiacs 7:45 HoneyWood 8:30 Justin Sams Band 9:15 The Masarie Gang 10:00 Atlanta Rock’n’Roll Allstars 10:45 gr8FLdüde & frenz with special guests Bill Fleming on pedal steel, Jeff Mosier on banjo, Kate Moore on guitar, Mark Johnson on slide guitar, David Savage on Piano, and Paul Diaz from Tree Sound Studios will put on a fun-filled night to help our brothers and sisters who live on Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico. There will be a silent auction. Solar-powered lighting and many other necessities will be directly funded and delivered with proceeds from this event. If you cannot attend but would like to contribute to the efforts of Atlanta Musicians Banding Together For Puerto Rico, please consider making a donation at We have also set up a site to purchase "We Are Culebra Strong" shirts - check it out! All profits from the sale of theses shirts will go to the organizers for Culebra Strong Hurricane Victims Benefit Concert. Will Keyworth is the artist that designed the logo and has allowed us to use it for our fundraiser Culebra is the smallest of the inhabited Spanish Virgin Islands (aka Puerto Rico) with about 1,800 US citizens that live there year-round. It is located 17-miles due east of of the main island of Puerto Rico and 12-miles west of Saint Thomas and is the last island in the supply chain for drinking water, electricity and telephone lines as these all go first to Vieques Island from the main island before arriving in Culebra.

$15 advance $20 day of show